was started because we saw a great need for reliable Christian satellite systems. In our travels with our ministry installing commercial and residential satellite systems with the Hope Channel, we repaired many systems that were installed incorrectly from the very beginning or just simply failed. Our desire is to offer reliable satellite dishes, LNB’s, receivers and better warranty for all your equipment. Currently every component is covered by a 1 year warranty at no additional charge. We also offer unsurpassed customer service. We also have a video library to help with technical questions and its all accessible via the internet . We also offer longer hours for customer service than any other company. You can order online via our secure shopping cart or call us by phone at: 559-577-6949
If you want to have your satellite system installed within our coverage area just give us a call to schedule. We cover Northern Idaho, North Eastern Washington and North Western Montana.
If you live outside of our area give us a call and we can help you find an installer in your area. is a Christian owned and operated business.
We return 10% of every dollar we earn as tithe to the Lord.

We are a self supported ministry. Every sale helps support our Satellite Evangelism efforts.

You can also help support our ministry by using our Amazon store for any of your internet purchases. Click Here Thank You